Anononymous Surf - Surf the web anonymously and protect your privacy

Surf anonymously and protect your privacy. Anonymous surf is an anonymous web based proxy. With anonymous surf, you can conceal your ip address and keep yourself protected from the malicious web. Free of charge, you can always use anonymous surf for free internet browsing and faster and secure experience. With the high speed dedicated server, anonymous surf provides a seamless browsing experience.

Another reason why you should use anonymous surf is regarding your privacy. When you browse the web openly, your ip address and other sensitive information are exposed. If you want to keep your privacy and avoid exposing your location and other information, anonymous surf can provide it with increase security.
**** Youtube and Facebook are now Supported ****

The web is full of malicious softwares, spywares, worms and trojans. When you browse openly, many of these can attack your system. But these can be easily filtered our by using a web filter. Also, all of your browser cookies and history will be secured by using secure web filter.

Anonymous surf is a free proxy based on Glype. Running on a dedicated server with 2GB of memory, it is faster, secure and more reliable giving you a seamless browsing experience. Anonymous surf provides anonymous surfing with high speed and better browsing experience. Browse it freely, bookmark us and share it.

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